1. A little sun, a little sand, & a whole lotta sexy.

2. A sleeping bearded beauty, he is.

3. Could you imagine waking up to this? (We already have.)

4. The eyes are the window to the soul, and his soul is super, super sexy.

5. We love a man that can eat….

6. That beard, though.

7. And dem cheekbones.

8. He be on his suit and tie ish.

9. But really, we’re all winners here.

10. Fine from every angle.

11. We can see your halo.

12. No, there’s no beard. Yes, he’s still fine.

13. We love a man in uniform.

14. And we love a man in sexy specs even more.

15. And the award for best man-thigh goes to…

16. See what we mean? #Thirsttrap

17. So gorgeous he’s glowing.

18. If he needs a spotter, we’re available. Any day.


20. He woke up like this.

21. We see that smize.

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