The Daily Grind Video

1. 1. Stevie J looks at Joseline like she is crazy when she informs him of her unexpected pregnancy!

2. 2. Stevie J uses this funny smirk to make one of his ladies laugh, as well as get himself out of trouble during the show.

3. 3. Stevie J usually makes this funny face during conversation with both Mimi and Joseline, especially when being accused of insensitivity or infidelity.

4. 4. While singing his way back into Mimi’s heart, Stevie J makes an unusual face that scares viewers a little bit!

5. 5. Stevie J attempts not to laugh as he tries to explain himself to Mimi during the taping of ‘Love & Hip Hop: ATL.’

6. 6. This is Stevie J’s expression when friend Benzino tries to talk him into monogamy … Stevie just can’t fathom it!

7. 7. Stevie J makes his funniest face of all and though it is hilarious, ironically it usually hints that Stevie means business!

8. 8. Stevie J stares blankly at Mimi Faust even though he is beyond dead wrong!

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