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Summer Walker, Over It, Still Over It

Source: LVRN / Universal Music Group

This time two years ago, Summer Walker dropped her debut studio album, Over It. The LVRN/Interscope full-length project peaked at no. 1 on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart; was named the most-streamed album by a female R&B artist ever; and, is critically acclaimed as one of the best R&B offerings to date. Fans of Summer have been waiting for the official follow-up and this month, the sweet-voiced songstress answered prayers with an album title (Still Over It), official release date, and a trailer that warped us back to 2019.

It’s safe to say no one expected the teaser clip that Summer delivered. Bringing her debut album cover artwork to life, Summer is seen lounging in her bedroom, chatting on the phone. The person on the other end of her line is none other than City Girls rapper JT — who, by the way, would’ve been locked up at the time, so in the clip she’s calling from prison.

Summer is on her toxic sh*t, hurling threats aimed at her guy of the moment, while JT advises her to “chill” before she, too, ends up in jail.

“Aw but I can’t wait ’til you get out. We’re gonna have so much fun,” Summer says, teasing their collaboration “Ex For A Reason.” “You already know how it is when we get together,” JT adds. Watch the viral clip below.

As expected, fans just can’t wait for Still Over It to drop. There’s been a lot of online discussion about how high the expectations are, thanks to the superb quality of her first album. Fans want to know what to anticipate and are also wondering if Summer will be able to top Over It, or at least deliver its equal. But mostly, they just want the album… check out some funny reactions below and stay tuned for an official review, come November.

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Summer Walker, Over It, Still Over It

Source: LVRN / Universal Music Group