1. Police look on at protestors approaching

2. A woman draws a target on her body to send the police a message

3. Two men go on their knees to show the message of ‘Don’t shoot!’

4. Young Nigel waits for the rest of the protestors in St. Louis to catch up

5. A puppet of Michael Brown with his hands up is carried through St. Louis

6. Residents have a face-off with the police in Ferguson

7. A black man and a black state trooper stare one another down

8. The Michael Brown puppet up close.

9. A man gets treatment after being tear gassed by police

10. Residents face the police after a day of protesting

11. Protestors put their hands up while they march through St. Louis

12. Protestors scream out their message while walking through Ferguson

13. Protestors and police have a face-off

14. Protests continue in St. Louis during the “Weekend Of Resistance”

15. Protestors put their name up in honor of Michael Brown

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