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Carmelo Anthony turns 34 years old today, and we gotta say, it’s been an honor to watch his style go from basic baller to dapper don.

Check out these photos of Melo’s epic style transformation.


1. Carmelo In Full Beige, Oversized Suit.

2. When Backwards Fitted Caps & Denim Shorts Were Cool.

3. Blinding In Yellow Bandana Print.

4. Du-rags & Big Chains.

5. In His White Tee.

6. Carmelo’s First Hair Cut.

7. He Still Has A Thing For Vibrant Colors.

8. …And Wild Patterns.

9. Stuntin’ With A Fedora & Cane.

10. All Black Everything.

11. Comfy Chic.

12. The Real MVP.

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