1. Shakira is one hot momma.

2. Her hips don’t lie…

3. We want you too Shakira…

4. Shakira KILLED it in GQ Spain.

5. She’s always on her sexiest behavior.

6. We’ll never get enough…

7. Usher’s body is its own entity.

8. We can’t stop staring, can you?

9. Usher’s smile is everything!

10. Usher we have something to confess to you…

11. We’re in love.

12. Just say you love us back.

13. Throwback!

14. Does it get much better than this?

15. Seriously, he’s gorgeous.

16. Did we mention, he’s gorgeous?

17. … And his body is everything.

18. Seriously, He’s everything.

19. Blake Shelton is super hot when he’s doing what he loves…

20. Look at all that muscle.

21. Now that’s sexy.

Now that’s sexy.
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