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1. The fashion transformation of Dipset is one that cannot be denied. The guys have come a long way, but we can’t even get mad at the impeccable ensemble choices.

2. Confidence is key, and because of it, nearly every male on the East Coast was trying to get their hands on some pink clothing items, American flag-prints, and studded belts.

3. Really though; which other rappers could rock these looks?

4. The group also rocked ice for days at all times. How many people did you know who would’ve given their right arm for a Diplomats chain?

5. The guys even got some of the coolest and flyest in the game to come out and perform with them, including a younger Kanye West. Peep the original Yeezy style.

6. Cam was so dope that even though he often rapped about loose females, weed, liquor, and life in the streets, he was invited to sit front row at New York Fashion Week with some of the most prestigious in the industry. This was even before Kanye West was a name out of our mouths.

7. Juelz Santana went hard for his bandana, and it seems like he never took it off. He might as well have been naked without it. No, seriously. Try and find a photo of Juelz back in the day without a bandana. It’s tough.

8. Fast forward to today, and Cam’ron has a CAPE LINE. A FREAKING CAPE LINE. You can literally wear a “Killa Cape” if you are lucky enough. If that isn’t legendary to the Dipset franchise, nothing much else could be.

9. He also sells amazing socks that any stan would want to purchase this very second. Go ahead, grab those babies up.

10. He’s even settled down with his beautiful fiancée named Juju, but isn’t letting go of his glorious Cam’ron ways. Just look at their Instagram pages once in awhile and you’ll see what we mean.

11. Meanwhile, Juelz Santana is still blazing up on the daily, but he has also finally settled down with the mother of his children, Kimbella. He’s even upped the ante with combining those two favorite things, as we can see. Look at this man flourish!

12. Just. Look. At. That. Prosperity.

13. Jim Jones has been dabbling in the music here and there with new mixtapes and tracks, but he’s seen a fair amount of success in the business world as well.

14. While his group Byrd Gang is a bit more a thing of the past, he is still holding down those around him. He’s even started up his Vampire Life label and clothing line.

15. All in all, it’s easy to see that these guys are growing up, but never losing that incredible Dipset legacy that forever lives within them. Don’t ever change, fellas.

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