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1. Thousands march together on their way to the NYPD headquarters.

2. Thousands gather near the NYPD headquarters.

3. A protester holds up a sign to stop police brutality.

4. Kevin Liles, Russell Simmons, and Nas help lead the march in NYC.

5. Protestors march up 5th Avenue.

6. Thousands gather in Washington Square Park before marching uptown.

7. Protestors lead by holding up a ‘Black Lives Matter’ banner.

8. Picketed versions of the victims of police brutality are held up during the march.

9. The Brooklyn Bridge gets shut down by protestors.

10. A protestor holds up a focused ‘We Demand Justice’ sign

11. Santa Con participants face the interrupting protests happening through the streets.

12. An artist participates in the protest through creative expression.

13. Thousands of different ethnicities and ages come together for the protests.

14. Thousands gather in Washington Square Park before the march.

15. A protestor marches while in chains.

16. Thousands march up 5th Avenue.

17. Thousands march up 5th Avenue towards Union Square.

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