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For many people, time spent in quarantine has allowed them to reflect, to learn something new, and to take a break from the fast life to reevaluate one’s goals.

For others, time spent in quarantine has allowed them to revisit absurd reality T.V. like the Flavor of Love franchise on Hulu, and some of the shows are just as entertaining as when they premiered nearly 15 years ago.

One memorable show that stemmed from Flavor of Love was the self-improvement series Charm School. The first season was hosted by Mo’Nique and the contestants included some of the most memorable women from the first two seasons of Flavor of Love. Mo’Nique’s attempts at turning these ladies into healthy, fully formed women is nothing short of entertaining.

It’s questionable whether a similar show will hold up today. The series definitely has its fair share of problematic messaging, including rampant slut shaming, fatphobic commentary, and rigid ideas about what constitutes a respectable woman.

However, the various personalities on the show still make it quite enjoyable. At the very least, it’ll stir some nostalgic memories.

Check out the season one ladies who still have a social media presence below. Their current endeavors might surprise you.

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