1. R&B Singer/Rapper – Tink

She’s From The Chicago Metropolitan Area. Specfically, Calumet City, a Chicago suburb located near the city’s southside.

2. R&B Singer/Rapper – Tink

Tink released her mixtape “Winter’s Diary” in 2012 when she was only 17-year-old. She would go on to release a part two of “Winter’s Diary” in January 2014. But the 19-year-old singer has released three mixtapes in total, including her rap-heavy tape “Alter Ego.”

3. R&B Singer/Rapper – Tink


She’s signed to legendary producer Timbaland, who discovered the 19-year-old songstress by “accident.”

4. R&B Singer/Rapper – Tink

The first rap record she ever released was over a Clipse instrumental (Thanks To Her Brother).

5. R&B Singer/Rapper – Tink

She started recording music in her basement alongside her father, who’s a music producer, and brother, who would engineer her studio sessions.

6. R&B Singer/Rapper – Tink

Tink began singing at the age of 5 and began honing her craft during church services. She started working alongside her father at the age of 12.

7. R&B Singer/Rapper – Tink

Her real name is Trinity Home.

8. R&B Singer/Rapper – Tink

Chance The Rapper’s unorthodox rapping style motivated Tink to continue pursuing the type of music she’s comfortable with, instead of succumbing to the “drill” rap scene.

9. R&B Singer/Rapper – Tink

Tink also used to make beats. Guess that’s what happens when you come from a musical family.

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