1. Wiz Khalifa Takes & Shares A Photo Of His “Little Booty.”

2. What’s Better Than A Booty Pic? A Dick Pick With A “Think Positive” Caption.

3. Oddly, He Instagrams A Photo Of One Of The Twins Who Amber Found In His Bed.

4. Wiz’s “Smile For A Day” Posts.

5. Doesn’t He Look Happy?!

6. Selfie Time With His New iPhone 6…Oh, and He’s “Done” With His Chest and Arm Tattoos.

7. “Something To Have Fun In.”

8. Man’s Best Friend.

9. Possibly Wiz’s Face When Amber Caught Him In Bed With Twins.

10. Flexin’ & Stretchin’.

11. “You Can Have It All.”

12. Wiz Loves His Mom Jeans.

13. Wiz Khalifa’s High Smile.

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