2016 presidential election

Conservatives are cheering this funny man for roasting Hillary Clinton

Pusha T used to push weight back in the day, but now he's pushing presidential candidates.

Roland Martin is fed up with celebs' misinformed comments about race, politics and the election

As Hillary Clinton inches closer to gaining the Democratic Party's nomination for president of the United States, the nation's current leader made a weighty appeal on the former first lady's behalf.

Donald Trump told CNN that violence could erupt if he finishes with the most delegates, and the nomination goes to someone else.

Stacey Dash, a Fox News contributor, rose to Donald Trump's defense in a rambling blog post on her website.

Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders declined to call Republican front-runner Donald Trump a racist when asked the question during a debate Wednesday at Miami Dade College in Miami, Fla.

After Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump appeared to reluctantly disavow the endorsement of former KKK leader David Duke and then made supporters raise their right hands and pledge to vote for him, 'Saturday Night Live' found perfect fodder to spoof an ad for the front-runner's candidacy.

Over the weekend, presidential hopeful and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump garnered an endorsement from another unlikely source -- the brother of murdered civil rights leader Medgar Evers.

While Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump bragged about his penis size at the start of Thursday night's raucous debate in Detroit, Mich., the Flint water crisis was the 33rd question.