In celebration of 50 years for the inventive and talented artist and producer, we have created a list of Missy the motivator's most inspiring and affirmative tweets. Be sure to follow her on social media, so you never miss another Missy gem. 

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One thing that sitcoms from the 90s and early 2000s weren’t shy of doing is featuring the hottest artists of the time. There’s something about seeing Destiny’s Child on Smart Guy, or 3LW on Taina that screamed, “we know our audience, and here’s our gift to you.” Don’t act like Beyoncé leading “Amazing Grace” didn’t […]

Fans of ’90s hit group 702 are tuned into TV One every Wednesday to see their favorite former lead singer Meelah Williams on R&B Divas: Atlanta as she shares her journey as a solo artist. The reality show newbie chatted with BlogXilla on the No Judgment Zone and dished on everything we wanted to know […]