AKOO is not just any clothing line anymore; the brand just launched a short film that addresses today’s society and a lot of the social justice issues we’re facing. The film is narrated by Killer Mike and  features a few pieces from their Holiday and Spring ’16 collection. Topics from the flick include black-on-black crime, racism, police brutality and much more. […]

What's better than a new 'fit? Fresh threads with a purpose.

For their Fall 2015 collection, AKOO is taking a new approach to the streetwear scene. In the midst of the recent injustices facing Black communities, particularly involving police brutality, the clothing brand felt compelled to capture the true feelings of today’s youth. “Into the Garden in Times of Trouble” is the second delivery from the collection and let’s just […]

Ain’t no party like a T.I. party! This weekend, all the biggest names in music flocked to the West Coast to escape the polar vortex and to celebrate the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, so naturally there were a bunch of parties to accommodate the masses. But T.I. did things a little differently. The rapper’s clothing […]

He may be the King of the South, but T.I. brought the festivities to New York City to celebrate the launch of his new venture, Book of Kings Vol. 1, presented by his clothing line, AKOO Clothing Co. This coffee table book, shot exclusively by photographer Mark Atkinson, was designed to celebrate fashion, art, photography, music and lifestyle through trailblazers […]