8 Of The Least Fattening Ways To Get Drunk With Low Calorie Beverages With Summer just peeking around the corner, plenty of us are becoming more and more aware of what we’re consuming.  Some people cut out bread, others go green completely, and many have hopped on the trending #LowSugarChallenge. You may notice that even […]

On this day in 1997, Biggie's second album 'Life After Death' was released — just two weeks after his death.

According to science, most people fall into one of these four categories when they drink.

Some things in life can only be done with the support and encouraging words of alcohol. Some would even say that magical things happen once that special juice starts flowing.   One new mom learned first hand about the power of your first post-baby drink after she magically, and drunkenly, tossed a whole pizza in […]

If you happen to see a woman in need, use the oldest trick in the book to help her out...

Time flies when you create a major legacy in such a short amount of time, because it doesn’t even feel like six years since the late, great Amy Winehouse made her transcendence to heaven. But what do we really know about the controversial star, except for her publicized transgressions. In honor of the queen’s 34th […]

Things got pretty intense at a Chance the Rapper concert this past weekend — so intense that over 90 people were hospitalized. The rapper was performing in Connecticut as part of the lineup for the Hot 93.7’s Hot Jam concert. According to the Hartford Courant, tons of concert-goers were excessively drinking and were subsequently rushed […]

Many people may remember how the movie Ray, based off the late Ray Charles, catapulted Jamie Foxx‘s career to new heights. He’s now revealed that all of this could have gone down hill if it wasn’t for the big O. Obviously, we’re talking about Oprah Winfrey. According to a recent interview with Jamie Foxx on The Howard […]

A D.C. pop-up bar took things entirely too far with a special menu item. Diet Starts Monday (yep, that is the name of the bar) thought it would be a good idea  to not only have a celebrity drink in honor of Bill Cosby, but on the menu it would be listed as “Pill Cosby.” That’s […]

Legendary soul singer Cuba Gooding Sr. has died at the age of 72. According to TMZ, the father to Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr. was found dead in his car on Thursday in San Fernando Valley. Sources say the singer was slumped over in his silver Jaguar, parked on Ventura Blvd in Woodland Hills, California. The fire department […]