A viral photo of All That stars Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, Lori Beth Denberg and Josh Server, appearing in Wild N Out hoodies, has fans in an uproar. Fans of the 90's show are upset at the Twitter user's caption choice leaving out one of All That's biggest stars, Amanda Bynes. See photo and fans reactions inside.

Looks like Amanda Bynes' antics from the last couple of years caught up with her professional life.

Despite recent controversy, The Interview is headed to select theaters. The film, which stars Seth Rogen and James Franco,  was originally slated to be released nationwide today, but was pulled after Sony and various theaters received anonymous threats from hackers. The hackers threatened 9/11-style attacks on any theater willing to show the film in which Franco and […]

Are things finally getting more stable for Amanda Bynes? The former Nickelodeon star made quite a scene with a long streak of bizarre behavior on social media and in leaked audio, but she might finally be entering a better space. After keeping her social media presence mum for the past 26 days, Amanda made a return to Twitter, where […]

It seems like every time Amanda Bynes tries to get better, she pulls another crazy stunt that leaves us all scratching our heads. Last week, the actress landed in hot water again after an audio recording leaked of Bynes claiming she wants to murder her parents, and even more side-eye worthy things. Now, she’s apologizing for […]

  Amanda Bynes has been on a whirlwind for quite some time and we are all hoping things soon make a turn for the better. The childhood star made some disturbing comments about wanting to murder her parents, that can be heard in an audio clip that was leaked by a close source to TMZ. Now, […]

It is heartbreaking to see one of the most charming childhood stars of our generation slip into a deep, dark phase at this state in her life. An Amanda Bynes audio clip has surfaced on the web and in that clip, she makes very disturbing statements. According to TMZ: The audio was recorded a week ago by one […]

It looks like Amanda Bynes is a lover of all things purple – at least for now. The former Nickelodeon superstar was spotted leaving Nine Zero Hair Salon in West Hollywood yesterday, and she showed off her incredible new hairdo that now includes violet locks! Dying her hair a light purple hue, Amanda covered her […]

The case of Amanda Bynes gets weirder and sadder by the day. One day she’s released from her involuntary psych hold due to good behavior, the next day she’s back at it. Today, the actress is claiming that she is homeless because her parents have conservatorship over her health and finances, and she is just not getting […]