AME Church Massacre


A 61-year-old Mississippi man was arrested and charged with detonating an explosive after he threw a bomb at a Walmart store because the chain stopped selling Confederate Flags.

The city of Charleston, South Carolina is still in mourning after Dylann Roof opened fire inside of the historical Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, killing nine people. As the gunman sits in police custody at a South Carolina detention center, video footage of his arrest in Shelby, North Carolina has been released to the public. […]


The Charleston AME Emanuel Church shooting that left nine dead Wednesday night is being called one of the deadliest attacks on a house of worship in this

Charleston shooting victim posted Snapchat from Bible study moments before attack — Mashable (@mashable) June 18, 2015 Last night, the city of Charleston, South Carolina faced a horrific tragedy, as nine lives were lost in AME church after 21-year-old Dylan Roof opened fired during Bible study. The investigation is ongoing, the gunman is in […]