A 38-year-old man by the name of Nicholas Mitchell has been arrested for a bizarre and violent crime.

We are disgusted, to say the least — especially because that's a pretty light sentence for someone who is essentially a terrorist. Head inside for details.

Two arrests have been made in the 2015 murder case of Queens rapper Lionel Pickens, better known by his stage name Chinx.

The singer went off on stage during a performance at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit after someone told him his set was going too long.

Katt Williams has finally broken his silence regarding his recent run-ins with authorities on 93.9's The Fam In The Morning.


As of Thursday morning, the threats and vandalism continued. Police were investigating an incident at the Columbia campus' Black culture center. Someone spray-painted over the word "black" on the sign to the culture center.

No one would have thought that 15 percent of National Football League players would be injured by the end of September. What’s even more surprising? There were no NFL players arrested last month. According to USA Today’s For The Win, September was the first calendar month in which no NFL player was arrested in six […]


The municipal court judge in Ferguson, Mo. ordered the withdrawal of all arrest warrants issued before December 31, 2014


Eighteen-year-old Allen Bullock became a defining image of the Baltimore uprisings when he was photographed smashing a police car with a traffic cone on Monday, reports The Guardian. His mother and stepfather urged him to surrender to police in an effort to teach him about taking responsibility for his actions during protests that turned violent Monday […]

Police investigating a brutal brawl that occurred in a Brooklyn McDonald’s have arrested five teenagers in connection with the beating that left a 15-year-old girl with a concussion, contusions, and bruises. The attack, caught on camera and uploaded to Facebook, eventually went viral on the internet, catching the attention of law enforcement officers and a concerned […]

Following the shooting death of two NYPD officers at the hands of a troubled Baltimore resident, police in New York started what many are dubbing a “work stoppage” in protest of Mayor Bill de Blasio — a stand against the mayor’s “support” of protests denouncing police brutality against marginalized communities. In short, police have stopped arrests […]