You ever go on Twitter and see an out-of-pocket hashtag you’re afraid to click on? Well, that’s what happened to countless God-fearing folks this weekend as #FineMenThatEatAss started trending. To be honest, I clicked…and I didn’t regret a second of any of it. Hit the flip for more fine men that proudly eat the booty […]

If you’re married to Kim Kardashian, not touching her ample backside is probably damn near impossible. Kanye West did just that this weekend. As the two ended another night in Paris together, he made sure to get a handful of her ass(ets). While walking down steps side by side, Yeezy reached over to Kim’s booty and held on […]

This is the moment when you should pick up your jaw, and enjoy the show. Lady Gaga is no stranger to baring it all, including her best asset – her ass. During her concert at Roseland Ballroom in NYC, Lady Gaga took it upon herself to moon her Little Monsters (for sh*ts and giggles, of […]

Oh, hey Lady Gaga’s ass. Nice to meet you again. Over the weekend, Lady Gaga’s booty made a special appearance during her show at New York City’s Roseland Ballroom. For the grand finale, Lady Gaga appeared center stage with her dancers in a purple two-piece. Before walking off stage, Gaga turned around, pulled down her bikini bottoms, […]

You can see it from the side, from the front, from the back – Blac Chyna’s ass cannot be contained. Blac Chyna’s butt is so big it puts even the largest Hollywood booties to shame – yes, we’re referring to Kim K’s because, as we saw in the BFF backside selfie the two took a […]