HBO continues to honor the legacy of the late great blues singer Bessie Smith. With the premiere of their forthcoming Bessie biopic starring Queen Latifah just a few days away, HBO continues their #Bessie81Tour trekking across the country to the west coast. In an effort to celebrate the life of Bessie Smith, an under-appreciated blues singer […]

The “Empress of Blues” would be so proud. Last night, HBO and singer/songwriter Janelle Monae brought 1920s blues singer Bessie Smith’s legacy to life on the first stop of their #Bessie81Tour. The “Yoga” singer performed a medley of hits for an elite group of industry insiders at the elegant Stephan Weiss Studios in New York […]

Queen Latifah is certainly a great role model for women everywhere, and she should definitely be praised for it. The 45-year-old actress is gearing up for the release of her new HBO film project, Bessie, where she plays the famous Blues singer Bessie Smith, but not before she lets her voice be heard. Ms. Latifah recently […]

“The blues is not about people knowing you, it’s about you knowing the people.” Before there was a Billie or an Etta, and long before the contemporary R&B diva Beyonce began snatching wigs, there was a bluesy jazz singer who reigned supreme – Bessie Smith. With the help of acclaimed Pariah director Dee Rees, HBO is […]

Everyone loves a benevolent queen, and Queen Latifah has just proved she’s worthy of the title. After it was announced that The Queen Latifah show will be canceled after only two seasons, it turns out the talk show host will be using her own money to pay her laid-off staff. Even though original episodes will still air, official production […]