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Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is no stranger to conflicts with the Chinese government. When he was one year old his father, a poet and his mother, were sent to a prison labor camp because of opposition to the Cultural Revolution. Chances are you’ve seen the artist, philosopher, publisher and instigator’s work during the 2008 Beijing […]


(AP) BEIJING — China’s worst known oil spill is dozens of times larger than the government has reported – bigger than the famous Exxon Valdez spill two decades ago – and some of the oil was dumped deliberately to avoid further disaster, an American expert said Friday. China’s government has said 1,500 tons (461,790 gallons) […]

Guolizhuang is a restaurant that specializes in the slicing, cooking, and overpricing of male reproductive organs of certain animals.Ox penis is supposed to improve one’s skin and longevity. But Linnell is not impressed. “Soft” and “fatty” are only a couple of the words he uses to say about the ox penis. Which … hey, maybe […]

Despite rumors that baseball players and cyclists are popping the little blue pills to give their performance outside of the bedroom a lift, the World Anti-Doping Agency announced that Viagra would not be on the list of banned substances for these Olympic games. THE AGE reports, “The World Anti-Doping Agency is considering adding Viagra to […]

Paul Hamm won’t be going to the Beijing Olympics, after all.The reigning Olympic gold medalist announced Monday that he is withdrawing from the U.S. team because he is not sufficiently healthy enough to compete. Besides his broken right hand, he strained his left rotator cuff in his accelerated recovery effort.’This has been the hardest decision […]

The International Olympic Committee will keep all of the drug testing samples taken from Beijing Olympic athletes for eight years, IOC spokeswoman Emmanuelle Moreau said Monday.

With the potential of complete indifference by the British viewing public, the BBC is trying to perk up its Olympic broadcasts by introducing some very animated characters, courtesy of Gorillaz.