Matt Kenny, the Madison, Wis. police officer named in the fatal shooting death of 19-year-old Tony Robinson, has been cleared of any wrongdoing after the findings.


State’s Attorney for Baltimore, Marilyn Mosby, announced Thursday that a grand jury has returned indictments on all six officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray. Gray, 25, died in April a week after he was arrested, shackled, and placed in a van unrestrained by the officers. An autopsy revealed the Baltimore native died from a […]


Black women and girls matter too. Don’t forget. #sayhername #BlackWomenMatter #blackwomenslivesmatter — satan with a fro (@delafro_) May 21, 2015 In an effort to stem the tide of violence being waged against African-American women in the criminal justice system, the Black Lives Matter movement on Thursday began incorporating women and girls in its protests […]

The racial climate in America has been extremely dense the past two years, and with the recent wrongful death of 25-year-old Baltimore native Freddie Gray, residents of Maryland’s largest city of Baltimore have chosen to confront the deep-seeded issue of police brutality head-on. While anger was bubbling over in the streets of Baltimore early Monday afternoon, 26-year-old Devin Allen, […]

Candidates can brag about their years of experience, exciting new plans for government, and flashy optics. Without an ability to heal the broken in America, we will elect a president in 2016, not a leader. The field is off and running, all chasing the 2016 White House. Each will tell us why he or she is […]

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From the peaceful protests to the riots, to the homegoing services, see the city’s reaction to case of Freddie Gray, the Baltimore man who died after his…

Martese Johnson is finally speaking out about his arrest at the University of Virginia, which resulted in him being badly beaten outside of a Charlottesville bar. The 20-year-old was charged with public intoxication and obstruction of justice after agents of the state Alcoholic Beverage Control arrested him; he is accused of using a fake I.D. […]