Suge Knight has such a strong history of violence, it's easy to believe he's threatened a rapper or two in his day.

Page Six spoke to Steve Stanulis about his confidentiality agreement with Kim and Kanye.

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West went from being protected by their former bodyguard to needing protection from him. According to reports, the Wests threatened their former bodyguard Steve Stanulis with a $10 million lawsuit after he claimed he was fired for talking to Kim on the job and making Kanye jealous. The high-profile couple’s lawyer insists the accusations are […]

Police are one step closer to catching the man who shot and killed Future's former bodyguard.

Jay Z had to step up and settle things down after Beyonce‘s bodyguard Julius was pushed by an overzealous photographer this morning in NYC. Jay, who is currently preparing for his B-Sides Concert to promote TIDAL this weekend in the city, was leaving his office with his wife while a sea of paparazzi waited to take their picture. One eager […]

Beyonce and Jay Z may be getting some much needed rest and relaxation in Brazil, but they probably could use a hundred vacations after having to deal with some kinky acts courtesy of their former bodyguard! If you haven’t heard, the power couple’s former bodyguard Norman Oosterbroek was killed when he was Tased after forcing his way […]

The man who served as a bodyguard for Nelson Mandela, Jay Z, Lady Gaga and countless other stars and high-profile figures was Tasered to death by police earlier this week. Norman Oosterbroek, 43, was discovered naked in his neighbor Christiane Jung’s house in the Pinecrest area of Miami on Monday night, allegedly fighting her husband […]