Carl Leo

Earlier this week, Evelyn Lozada broke the news that she was pregnant with her third child, her second with baseball player Carl Crawford. Although she received unsettling news from the doctors about the pregnancy and is fearful of a miscarriage, the 39-year-old mom of two is still optimistic that everything will work out for her […]

Evelyn Lozada has been missing in action from our television screens for a couple of years now, but she is about to come back – and it’s not for Basketball Wives. The 39-year-old beauty is moving on from her former reality show franchise, and onto the OWN network with her very own solo show. Evelyn has […]

Evelyn Lozada has the cutest baby boy. The reality star has been on full mommy duty since giving birth to Carl Leo back in March. The proud mother shared a picture of Leo with the biggest little messy smile. What’s he smiling for? He just loves feeding time. Ev wrote: Someone loves eating his cereal early in […]

Evelyn Lozada is loving her second go-around at motherhood. The 38-year-old reality star has been gushing about her son Carl Leo all over social media – and who wouldn’t, he’s adorable. Ev posted the photo above of Carl Leo rocking a bib that informs the world of his superstar status: He’s the BIGGEST factor. She simply captioned […]