carrie underwood

It’s that time again in New York City. Style lovers around the world have come together to hit the Big Apple for New York Fashion Week, which officially kicked off this past Thursday. Not only do designers and models get their shine, a lot of celebrities are involved in the shows – whether it’s hosting […]

Lord Jesus take the wheel!  Country singer Carrie Underwood had a quick lapse in judgment when she decided to kiss a 12-year-old on the lips.  PHOTOS: Taylor Swift & Carrie Underwood At The ACM Awards  The 12-year-old boy, Chase, said it was his dream to get Carrie Underwood to give him his first kiss. Being […]


Yesterday, all across America, thousands of people took to the streets to rally in favor of Immigration Reform.  Pissed off by the law in Arizona that was recently passed that allows for polic officers to stop anyone on the street and ask for their legal papers, people across this nation marched to the beats of […]

by Paola Mendoza, co-Director of Entre Nos Under normal circumstances, tonight I would have my annual Oscar party where my guests would fill out their ballots and put some money down on who can pick the most winners.  But since I am in London tonight sharing my film ENTRE NOS with the English, there will […]