Happy National Prosecco Day! The nationally recognized holiday lands on today, August 13th. It represents a day to celebrate with a toast to the remaining days of the season. We're celebrating even more with our favorite celebrities and their champagne toasts, which is not quite Prosecco but it sparkles just the same.

When Jay Z describes how hard he balls — he means it. The business mogul’s latest endeavor will have everyone wanting to step their money up for a bottle of that Ace of Spades. According to, Armand de Brignac announced on Monday that it would be releasing a new edition of the company’s iconic […]

Wendy Williams pressed Nicole Scherzinger about wasting her "good years" for having kids by being in an on-off relationship for 7 years.

Few people are privileged enough to say they partied with the one and only Kanye West, but one bachelorette party did the next best thing. While celebrating their friend Siobhan DePietro’s upcoming wedding, a group of revelers found themselves out to dinner at Galatoire restaurant in New Orleans – and Kanye just happened to be there. The “New Slaves” rapper […]