If you’ve ever doubted Beyonce’s ability to sell out a show in minutes, better think again, because Beyonce broke records when she sold out four New York shows in only 22 seconds.  Beyonce announced that she would be performing four intimate shows for her fans at New York City’s Roseland Ballroom, and as soon as […]

Charlie Sheen death rumors are flooding the internet this morning, but instead of mourning his own death, Charlie Sheen is tweeting! Around 6 a.m. eastern time, the former “Two and a Half Men” star tweeted RIP infront of a retweet, but then during the end of that hour he tried to help a friend reach 100,000 […]

News for Cool People, all the things you want to know in 140 characters or less. Leggo! Katy Perry to break Michael Jackson’s Billboard record? [Vibe] [pagebreak] Ms. Motivation Kelly Rowland covers the new issue of Monarch. [TheYBF] [pagebreak] Lady Gaga is being sued! Is she guilty? [DailyMail] [pagebreak] Charlie Sheen lands new sitcom?! [RadarOnline] […]

Since Harold Camping said the rapture on May 21st 2011 is real, people are going nuts thinking the end of the world is tomorrow. So for all of those people who are running around scared that tonight will be their last day on Earth we have a bucket list of things for you to do. Calm […]

Consider this the end of the Charlie Sheen drama because as of now, it looks like it’s Ashton Kutcher who is, duh, winning! TMZ reports that the “Punk’d” star has signed his deal to join the cast of “Two and a Half Men.” We hear Ashton will be making around half of Charlie’s almost 2 […]

It came as a surprise when CBS announced that they were going to continue with their hit series “Two and A Half Men” after Charlie Sheen had his “bi-winning” meltdown. Most critics predicted that CBS was going to can the series, but CBS has reeled in a star who knows how to keep an audience […]

The Navy SEALS are flying high right now. As they are being debriefed, plans to make a movie are probably already happening. But this won’t be the first time Navy SEALS have been immortalized on the big screen.  Charlie Sheen himself played a SEAL in the movie of the same name, “Navy Seals” and when […]

  Actor Charlie Sheen has truly become a pop culture phenomenon. No matter what you think of his lifestyle, the man has captured the imagination and attention of the media in a way few others have. The cameras are waiting for a media trainwreck a la Britney Spears circa 2007, but it remains to be […]


Wes Leonard, 16, of Fennville High School had an undefeated season with his basketball team. Yesterday, Wes’ incredible season and beautiful life took a heartbreaking turn when Wes, after making the game winning shot, collapsed on the court and later died. Wes Leonard, 16, of Fennville High School had an undefeated season with his basketball team. Yesterday, Wes’ incredible […]

LOS ANGELES-Blake Griffin talked to ESPN about the loss of his high school friend and teammate, Wilson Holloway who died of cancer. Holloway was on Griffin’s Oklahoma high school shampionship team and also played offensive tackle for Tulsa University

Tupac Shakur is heralded by fans as the greatest rapper ever, and while that may be debatable or even controversial, there’s no denying that the rapper put his fans first.Before the World Wide Web really took off, people had to access celebrities and music stars the old-fashioned way, through snail mail, particularly to the fan club. There […]

Who wouldn’t want to be lounging poolside on a beautiful island in Hawaii right now? It isn’t wishful thinking for actress Vanessa Hudgens, it’s her reality. The High School Musical starlet was photographed enjoying a beautiful Hawaiian sunset while lounging on a bungalow with her sister Stella. The sister act ordered food and drinks as […]