The Beyhive has just been blessed with a holiday miracle. Now you can pay to get Beyoncé to spend Christmas with you and your family this year — sort of. A site called Women To Look Up To recently revealed their Christmas Tree Angel Fairy Topper, also known as “an inspiring kickass woman worthy of […]

Starbucks continues to deliver with the holiday specials. This Christmas season, they’re rolling out their new Christmas Tree Frappuccino and it’s definitely decorated with holiday spirit. The drink is made up of Peppermint Mocha Créme Frappuccino and is topped with Matcha whipped cream that’s made to look like a tree. The “tree” is decorated with […]

So upside-down Christmas trees are becoming a thing now and it’s causing a divide amongst holiday lovers. The recent boom stems from an upside-down tree that hung in the Westfield San Francisco Centre last year. The 50-foot-tall tree is returning this year and the lighting ceremony is set to happen on November 30. Since […]

After proving her love for it in the visuals to her brand new track “7/11,” Beyonce is trying to give us a taste of one of her most favorite holidays of the year. Posting a photo of a lavishly decorated tree, with her adorable daughter Blue Ivy Carter standing in front of it, Bey and Blue […]