Money Man becomes the first artist to receive an artist advance payment solely in Bitcoin. The Decatur rapper recently released his latest album Blockchain as an ode to the world of cryptocurrency.

NFTs are taking over the music, gaming and art industries, and we will explain why you are falling behind as a creative if you don’t tap in soon. An NFT is a collectible digital asset, which also holds value as a type of cryptocurrency. The same way physical art is perceived as a valuable investment, […]

Akon is always putting on for Africa. His latest venture will push the continent into the financial space with his new cryptocurrency, Akoin.

An Atlanta resident testifies to the MCs growth: “I was working with youth and asked one of my students about his favorite rapper: “21 Savage, he’s a good dude. He bails my brother out of jail every time something happens no matter what.”

After years of (allegedly) swiping cards, Jevon from Flatbush is living legit with a personal driver and $50,000 in income thanks to faith, patience and perseverance.

On the latest episode of Cryptology, @ElginDotCom and @_TheCivilRight sit down with former CoinDesk editor Tom Sharkey.

Albert Nunez made a fortune working at the infamous Stratton Oakmont firm alongside the Wolf Of Wall Street in the 1990’s — here are his tips for winning big in the cryptocurrency game today.