More than 4,800 former NFL players, including Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino, have been named a plaintiff in at least one concussion-related lawsuit against the league. Marino, who played 17 seasons for the Miami Dolphins, has added his name to the list of former NFL players suing the league over its handling of concussions. The 18-page complaint alleges […]

What you do in the dark…you know the rest. PHOTOS: Say What?! San Francisco 49ers Chris Culliver Says NO To Gays In Football!  A story in the New York Post is outing football legend Dan Marino for an affair he had that resulted in a love child with a current CBS production assistant. Marino, who has […]


Last week Plies dropped his 4th studio album ‘Goon Affiliated’ & there were questions on how much he would sell. All of Plies fans are women so we thought this one would sell like crazy like the other ones. This album didn’t do to hot with numbers the first week but Plies is an independent […]


    Our boy Plies has another hit on his hands this year! This is his newest record ‘Kitty Kitty’ featuring the hottest in R&B right now. Trey Songz hopped on the hook & one verse on the record for Plies up & coming album ‘Goon Affiliated’ dropping June 8th. Plies has been releasing a […]


Hey GG! It’s Plies!! Every since I first got into the music business, I knew the importance of giving back. I want my fans to know that I’m here for you! My music is very much reflective of the plight and ills of our community and real talk, there are people out there struggling to […]


  This is a callabo we don’t usually see or hear. Fabolous & Plies hopped on this joint titled ‘Sell Dope’. I know your thinking it’s a a song about drugs but it’s not. The song explains how some people are so fresh and have so much money you would think they sell dope. This […]