It’s the day after Easter and depending on how you spent your weekend, you could be feeling a number of ways. Check out some of these dance videos and let us know if they embody your Monday Struggle or Monday Joy.   Hit the flip for more.

Let this be a lesson to you. Never underestimate your mom. Chances are, she’s the reason you can dance in the first place. Mom’s got moves!

There’s nothing like some Bay Area music to get your day started on the right foot. A few dancers took it to the next level when they showed off their routine to SOB x RBE’s “Paramedic” and to say they killed it would be an understatement. Click play on the video and get your entire life! […]

When a woman wants to get her twerk videos off, not a baby, a fire nor a pet can stand in her way. If you thought this woman smacking her bunny was hilarious, flip through to check out more hilarious videos.

If you thought late nights at Walmart bring the entertainment out, you haven’t witnessed a night in Target. Apparently, when no one is around, the most epic dance battles go down. Check out this hilariously awesome video by Jay Versace and his pal Roy Purdy. It’s guaranteed to make you want to make a quick […]