<p>Posted by: thaddeus98</p><p>A newly started bilingual K-6 school in Costa Rica started up by 2 young couples is trying to get LLCoolJ and Def Jam Records to make a donation to get their LLCOOLJ.NET domain name back.</p><p>In a nutshell, the couple is holding the doman ransom.&nbsp; Domains are bought and sold on a regular basis […]

<p><strong>Akon &amp; Benny-D. will be performing a Concert in Panama City on January 20, 2010 at Figaly Convention Center. -| BENNY-D. 2nd CONCERT OF 2010 |-</strong><br /><br />Go Here for Details: http://bit.ly/4NNngv<br /><br />Benny-D. Official Site: http://www.DJBennyDFanSite.TV<br /><br />Benny-D. Official Web Developer: "Cheavor" Noted Expert Web Developer to the Stars: http://www.ImageIzEverything.com</p&gt;

<p>It did not engender as much frenzy as the O. Welles famed, War of the Worlds, but Wed web fired fake alert at the Grand Central Terminal was not that faraway.</p>

<p><strong>The Jeff Dunham Show</strong> is new comedy series starts today at 9 pm. The show will be airing on Thursdays on<strong> Comedy Central</strong>. At this episode ventriloquist <strong>Jeff Dunham </strong>and his diverse cast of puppets begins with Jeff and Walter s trip to a therapist. They visit a therapist to work on their relationship.</p>

Funny ass song! Matt Stone & Trey Parker never fail!!

I’m surprised he’s being such a good sport about it. I thought he would’ve gone ape sh** as usual.

Aww, Diddy gives Kim the baby mama treatment in central park recently. That’s good that he spends time with his kids…Loving it.