Woman Delivers Baby By Herself With The Help Of YouTube     If you needed another reason as to why women are so amazing, Tia Freeman gave birth in a hotel room in Istanbul, Turkey all by herself–with the help of YouTube, shoelaces and some knives. Read as she hilariously explains her story via twitter: […]

During the holiday season, we find an increase of packages being stolen off doorsteps. One woman got so tired of crooks making off with her deliveries that she decided to take matters into her own hands and send the thieves home with a gift they would never forget.  

The Amazon Key is here and it’s taking delivery methods to a whole new level. The service allows for a delivery person to unlock the door to your place and leave your package inside. Amazon Key involves two main things — an Amazon security camera (the Cloud Cam) and a compatible smart lock. All together, […]

If 75 percent of your day is spent on Facebook, it’s a no brainer that all your basic needs should be accessible with a click of the screen. Facebook is making sure they have you covered with their just released “Order Food” app. Facebook’s vice president of local, Alex Himel, described the new function in […]