Lawmakers in Missouri have proposed a bill that blocks other lawmakers from proposing gun restricting regulation! Missouri state Representative Mike Leara, a Republican, proposed the backwards bill. DETAILS: White House Says Leaked Immigration Plan is Backup The bill says,“[a]ny member of the general assembly who proposes a piece of legislation that further restricts the right […]

The government is finally trying to crack down on gun-control.  A bipartisan bill was presented by the House of Representatives on Tuesday that would make firearms trafficking a federal offense.  The bill would give law enforcement the ability to prosecute gun traffickers and make “straw-purchasing,” the act of buying a gun for someone who is […]

Former U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter, whose switch from Republican to Democrat ended a 30-year career in which he played a major role in several Supreme Court nominations, died Sunday at the age of 82. DETAILS: Let Us Pray! Former Sen. Arlen Specter Diagnosed With Cancer ABC News reports: Specter, who announced in late August that […]

Mitt Romney is currently being accused by Democrats that he has manipulated his tax deductions in order to keep his tax rate below a certain level. According to NewsOK, the presidential candidate is being criticized by the political party that he is claiming a different deduction because of political purposes. The site reports that Romney […]

Last night at the Democratic National Convention, U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren put Wall Street, corporate greed and multi-millionaire Republican nominee Mitt Romney on blast!   STORY: Bubba Back! Former President Bill Clinton Brings Down The House During Passionate DNC Speech  According to her, the CEOs responsible for the economic downturn with risky bets “still […]


The death of Alexander Mcqueen rocked and devastated the fashion industry. But the impact of the loss really affected those close to him, as they knew his a more than a designer, but a friend, son, brother, and lover. Today the family is celebrating the life of Alexander Lee Mcqueen in a private ceremony with […]