Denver, Colorado is known as a go-to spot for many smokers due to the legal status of marijuana. However, when it comes to business and pot smoking, legal barriers can make things complicated. That might change thanks to one business trying to mix weed and wellness practices. Owners of the Utopia All Natural Wellness Spa […]

James Moss of Colorado was reminded how strong the power of kindness can be after thousands of strangers raised over $30,000 for him and his son.


Prom season has given teens the chance to reenact their favorite looks from celebrities or, in some cases, take pride in looks connected to racism. The latter happened in the town of Parker, Colorado last week, when a group of teens posed with rifles and the Confederate flag. Fox 31 Denver reports students from the […]

RAW VIDEO: #Denver cop uses “inappropriate force,” pins woman’s neck with his knee in a jail cell: via @DPTV — Daniel Boniface (@danielboniface) March 11, 2015 The Denver Police Department has terminated an officer for using excessive force during an arrest last year. According to the Daily Mail, Officer James Medina was fired last Wednesday […]

More than a month after her fatal shooting at the hands of Colorado police, an autopsy has revealed that 17-year-old Jessica Hernandez was shot four…

UPDATE: Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015 The teenager shot and killed by Denver police Monday has been identified as 17-year-old Jessie Hernandez. According to the Denver Office of the Medical Examiner’s preliminary autopsy results, the 17-year-old died of multiple gunshot wounds. The shooting has been ruled a homicide. “I don’t know what else they stole or whatever they […]

Disturbing video of a Denver police officer brutally beating an unarmed suspect in August has surfaced after police allegedly attempted to erase the footage that was taken on a bystander’s Samsung tablet. The witness, identified as Levi Frasier, told Fox 31 that police seized his tablet once they realized he was recording the beating, telling him […]

We’re betting President Obama had a more awkward Tuesday than you. During his trip to Colorado, the President was offered legal weed to smoke, shook hands with a weird man wearing a horse mask on his head, and fist-bumped a gorilla statue in a Denver bar. And while that may be us on any given […]