Tekashi69 has been the Internet’s number one topic of conversation ever since his controversial Breakfast Club interview. Everyone learned something different from the hour long conversation, but most came away with the idea that 69 is not one of the good guys. Regardless of what you think about the Brooklyn native, he has a loyal […]

Ray's advice to the wild boys: "Live it up and get the f*** outta there... you gotta wave the white flag."


As the warm days come to an end, it’s time we look back on the artists who owned the summer. Some made headlines with their game-changing music and others shocked us with candid storytelling.  One rapper used a clever marketing tactic to get his fans involved with promoting his album. Other artists reached life milestones […]

Joe Budden always has an opinion about trending news. When it came to the topic of Usher allegedly giving women herpes, the legendary hater let loose. On Complex’s Everyday Struggle, DJ Akademiks, his co-host, could barley set up the conversation. Just a mention of Usher and herpes, Budden quickly interrupted, “I’m just singing ‘let it […]

Social media beef is at all-time high, and before it reaches its glass ceiling, The Game had to join in on the madness.