It's no secret that Drake's father Dennis Graham loves the spotlight as much as his son, but no one thought he'd ever record an R&B album.

Ever wonder what Drake put on his Christmas and Hanukkah list?

Dennis Graham on the beat, hoe.  Watch out, the man who helped create Drake is releasing new music. Drake’s father Dennis Graham is kicking off 2015 with some new music, and he’s looking for a “classy female rapper” to deliver him a dope feature. According to TMZ, the longtime musician was supposed to collaborate with his super […]

Hold on, it’s a family affair. Drake and his father haven’t always had the best relationship, but over the past few years, the two Graham men have settled their differences and now they’re practically inseparable. Drake’s father is a retired musician, but his son is bringing him out of retirement and featuring him on his […]