Shaquille O’Neal’s iconic All Star Comedy Jam makes its return to the stage with live stand up special to kick off Super Bowl weekend. Comedian DeRay Davis will host the special event and it will feature performances from comedians like Earthquake, Mo'Nique, Michael Blackson and more. Get details and tickets inside.

The tristate area had no clue what was going on when the ground started shaking suddenly.

A town in south-west Germany is going through some serious issues. According to a YouTube clip, Staufen is literally splitting apart, with huge cracks running through buildings and everything. Apparently, the government was boring into the area for geothermic energy, but the groundwater combined with a layer of anhydrite to form gypsum. All of this […]

A huge earthquake in Mexico City has left more than 200 people dead, according to The New York Times. The quake measured 7.1 at its epicenter and the aftermath resulted in buildings collapsing, including a elementary school. Officials say at least 21  kids died after the school fell. Deaths have been recorded in the states of […]

A magnitude-7.8 earthquake hit the central coast of Ecuador Saturday night, killing 233 people and injuring over one thousand

A second earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 struck the island of Kyushu in Japan early Saturday morning, killing at least 26 people.

A 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck southern Taiwan early Saturday morning.

History has been made in Taiwan, as the people elected their first female president. Tsai Ing-wen won with 56% of the vote and has promised the people “a government that can lead this country into the next generation.” [TIME] After a deadly earthquake shook the country of Nepal nearly nine months ago, the government revealed plans of […]

An Australian woman witnessed the death of her father as he was mauled to death by a 15-foot shark. She was diving with her dad in Tasmania when she saw the shark attack him. [Daily News] Seismologists believe a huge earthquake could potentially threaten the San Francisco Bay area soon. Minor earthquakes have hit the […]

Government officials in Nepal state that the death toll is expected to rise much higher, as there are other villages that have been affected, but not reached, by authorities at this point. The earthquake, with a magnitude of 7.8, has already claimed the lives of 7,056 people. [CNN] A small magnitude 3.9 earthquake struck the […]