Election 2016

For categorization purposes, I am considered a millennial. But two things are very clear, when I enter the room—I am a woman and I am Black.

Trump disavowed Anthony Senecal after news broke about the posts, including one that argued Obama should’ve been “shot as an enemy agent in his first term."

Does Trump have an opportunity to attract voters of color by selecting a running mate of color or a woman? Here are five potential running mates and one wild card

In an interview, the Vermont Senator said he needed less people moving forward, adding that the campaign needed to focus on the last 10 states as opposed to 50 states.

In 2008, large swaths of mostly Black communities in New York City, particularly in Brooklyn, helped push Obama to victory, reports The New York Times.

A group, allegedly football players, dismantled the Trump wall built by the Tulane University's Kappa Alpha Fraternity. Students of color took offense to the suggested message written on the sandbag wall.

We asked people to choose just one emoji to represent the presidential candidates. This is what happened.

Rosario Dawson was arrested on Capitol Hill on Friday after a week of pro-democracy demonstrations.

In the high-stakes race for the White House, Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders battled over the former first lady's speaking fees and her stance on minimum wage during a rollicking debate in New York City's Brooklyn.

In a Friday press conference, six former contestants of Donald Trump's reality show "The Apprentice" disavowed the presidential hopeful for running a campaign "of sexism, xenophobia, racism, violence and hate.”

Saying he has “a higher standard to go forward with a prosecution,” a Florida prosecutor will not pursue battery charges filed against Donald Trump’s campaign manager in March after a run-in with a reporter, reports Politico.