We got the trailer for the bold new take on the beloved classic produced by Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg and Quincy Jones today. Click inside to check it out!

Fantasia stopped by Global Grind's offices to discuss her new singles "No Time For It" and "Sleeping With The One I Love," married life, the recent success of her brother Ricco, and the perks of having White neighbors.

  Lean in and read this next line closely: Fantasia is having a major comeback moment.  Yes, that line may have had some tilting their heads to the side, wondering when last they saw anything from the former American Idol winner, but we’re here to inform you of a style star on the rise when […]

Mitzi Miller, Editor-In-Chief over at JET Magazine, may have been apologizing to singer Fantasia on behalf of the mag before, but now she’s apologizing because of her own harsh comments… PHOTOS: JET Magazine Responds To Fantasia’s Cover Outrage: “It Is Unfortunate! As we reported a few days ago, Fantasia was upset about the picture JET chose […]

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Fantasia Barrino, but she’s making her come back, and already some headlines! The American Idol winner recently covered Jet Magazine, and while many of her fans loved her cover photo, she stirred up some controversy when she posted it on Instagram with the word “False” all over it. […]

Don’t believe what you read, Fantasia is shutting down the pregnancy rumors! This past weekend while preparing to storm the Essence Music Festival’s stage, the 28-year-old singer posted a photo on Instagram of her holding her stomach as though she were pregnant. PHOTOS: Fantasia’s Baby Daddy Dumped Her For A Reality Star? Although the pic may be […]

DAMN! Fantasia is back and looking better than ever after giving birth to her son Dallas Xavier back in December. PHOTOS: LEAKED: First Photo Of Fantasia’s Baby Boy  After dealing with the back and forth baby mama drama with her on and off again boyfriend Antwaun Cook, it’s nice to see the new mommy looking fierce and fabulous […]

Following a very private pregnancy as the result of a very public relationship scandal, American Idol Fantasia Barrino gave birth to a bounding baby boy on December 17th of last year. STORY: Fantasia Has A New Baby Boy Named… Now, thanks to BallerAlert, we are getting the first look at Fantasia’s adorable little boy, Dallas. […]

Fantasia always seems to be receiving some sort of criticism over her relationship with Antwaun Cook. This time, the producers of her new “Mahalia Jackson” movie are coming at her strong. They claim that it would be a bad idea to have the American Idol singer play the gospel movie role with her being pregnant […]

When I first saw the headline, “Fantasia Confirms She’s Pregnant,” I did not hesitate to click on it. From hearing the many rumors and blog stories about Fantasia Barrino, I knew the story was only going to get better and better. The impulsive announcement came as Fantasia was performing for an apartment opening in Jacksonville, […]


‘Turn It Up’ is a track, hopefully unfinished, from ATLers Usher and Ciara that comes from the recording sessions of Ciara’s upcoming album ‘Basic Instinct.’ The song is unmastered; the bass isn’t hitting as hard as it should be and the voices aren’t as crisp as they should be. The instrumentals in the track are […]