Anything goes on television nowadays — even if you’re a respectable sports analyst. Remember when Shaquille O’Neal took funny and gross to the another level on Inside the NBA back in 2017 when he took off his shoe and revealed his shockingly gruesome foot. The guys on the panel nearly barfed. Ernie Johnson said Shaq’s […]

Summer is slowly approaching, in a turtle-like manner, but still warm weather is on its way. Allegedly. With warm weather comes more drinks, brighter smiles, good tans, and of course a lot less clothes. However, there is one article of clothing many people seem to agree should not come off, regardless of how hot it […]

There’s really nothing quite as sweet as the beauty of Blue-Bey. Hip-hop’s first lady is taking a break from her On The Run tour, and in the meantime, it’s all about cute outfits and adorable flicks for Instagram. Most recently, Queen Bey was inspired by wild orchids, rocking an orange tank top with a pink […]

There’s a new plastic surgery craze plaguing the streets. That’s right, y’all. We’ve got fake boobs, fake booties and now, this. According to the New York Times, an increasing number of women are consulting with their plastic surgeon about a foot surgery, affectionately called “Cinderella surgery,” that makes wearing even the highest of heels fit like a glove because, priorities. […]