Ok, forget these parents, this guy wins the Worst Father of the Year award. Hitler (yeah, we know) Baneo Nunez, 49, allegedly doused his son with gasoline and set him on fire after learning that the 22-year-old was gay and HIV-positive. His son also has tuberculosis. DETAILS: YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS! Rick Santorum: “Gay Marriage Discourages […]

Next time a homeless person asks you for change, you might want to give it to him. DETAILS: Standoff Over: Gunman Who Held 5 Firefighters Hostage Is Shot Dead  In Long Beach, California, a homeless man allegedly set a 62-year-old man on fire in his sport utility vehicle after he asked for change and didn’t receive […]

Following a scary ordeal, the five firefighters that were held hostage in a Georgia home have been rescued after SWAT officers shot the gunman. PHOTOS: Oh No! Gunman In Georgia Holding 5 Firefighters Hostage!  Authorities say that the SWAT officers used a “flash-bang” grenade to distract the suspect as they entered the home in Gwinnett County. […]

In Gwinnett County, Georgia, a gunman is holding five firefighters hostage. According to authorities, the firefighters were responding to the home on a medical call. A SWAT team was on the scene, according to the Gwinnett County Police Department. It is unclear if the gunman lured the firefighters into the house. Story developing. SOURCE: MyFoxAtlanta

UPDATE: 9:20 AM EST Another marine has been claimed by the explosion at the Nevada military facility, pushing the fatality count to seven.  This story is developing. ———— UPDATE: 8:45 AM EST NBC is reporting that six U.S. Marines have been killed and eight were wounded during the live-fire exercise at a Nevada military facility. […]

At least sixteen people have been injured in a natural gas explosion that destroyed a Missouri restaurant, JJ’s, on Tuesday. Although nobody has been reported dead, a local hospital has treated four people for burns and smoke inhalation and one person is still missing. Witnesses reported smelling natural gas in the area hours prior to […]

The nightmare is finally over. Passengers aboard the crippled Carnival cruise ship Triumph are rejoicing after three tugboats were finally able to pull the oceanliner towards Alabama. The ship had been stranded off the Gulf of Mexico since Sunday morning. Rough weather overnight slowed the Triumph and the three tugboats leading it to Mobile, Alabama, […]

Bet the passengers aboard this ship didn’t expect this when they went on vacation. VIDEO: Brazil Balconies! KimYe Proves That Will Smith Gets The People Going  Passengers on the Carnival Triumph ship that has been stranded off the coast of Mexico since Sunday morning are enduring some pretty foul and disgusting conditions now that things aren’t […]

One of the owners of the Brazilian nightclub, Kiss, has tried to take his own life while in police custody. PHOTOS: Club Owner & 2 Band Members Arrested In Connection With Brazil Club Fire!  After being arrested with three others for connection with the blaze that left 235 people dead, mostly students at a nearby university, […]

In the aftermath of the devastating fire that killed more than 230 partygoers at a Brazilian nightclub, the club’s owner and two band members that performed that night have been arrested for their role in the melee.  DETAILS: Blazing Fire In Brazil Nightclub Leaves At Least 245 Dead   Elissandro Spohr, one of the club owners, and the […]

A wild fire struck at a night club in southern Brazil, leaving up to 245 people dead. According to the Associated Press, police and firemen have brought all of the bodies to a gymnasium in Santa Maria. PHOTOS: Shooter Opens Fire In Oregon Mall, Kills Two  The police originally found 90 dead, but according to reports […]

Police and fire fighters responded to a five-alarm blaze in Manhattan around 6:45pm last night that left one dead. 45-year-old Wei Chu Wu has been accused of setting fire to a five-story building following an argument with the mother of his child. The suspect also tried to prevent first responders from entering the building, which […]