Foxy Brown is celebrating motherhood with her newborn baby and there’s finally pictures. On Wednesday (September 6), the Brooklyn rapper took to Instagram to share photos of her daughter along with the classic Ms. Lauryn Hill track “To Zion.” See below: Talk show host Wendy Williams celebrated Foxy’s baby back in March when the rapper allegedly […]

Foxy Brown arrived late to her own party this Saturday. She was set to perform at the Bushwick Collective Block Party and she didn’t just come fashionably late — she came five minutes before the event was scheduled to end, according to Page Six. “Her security tried to get backstage and it was explained she […]

Foxy Brown had a show in Philadelphia over the weekend and things didn’t go as planned— literally. The rap legend was scheduled to perform at Philly’s Black LGBTQ Pride festivities, but sources say that Foxy arrived three hours late and didn’t perform. Fans were so furious that the Brooklyn emcee didn’t take the stage that […]

We may be embarking on a royal hip-hop rumble that we didn’t even see coming. Just hours after Remy Ma dropped her second diss track against Nicki Minaj, rumors began swirling that Foxy Brown is now putting on her gloves and stepping in the battle. In a video snippet posted by The Shade Room, a […]

Y’all know Wendy Williams can’t pass up an opportunity to spill tea. This morning, the talk show host shared some news that sent Twitter into shock. Apparently, Foxy Brown just gave birth to a baby girl — but who knew she was pregnant? Here’s what Wendy told her audience: “Literally, as I’m putting on my bracelet, […]

Rapper Foxy Brown wants to make things clear that if she is dragged into a rap beef, she will finish it. After Remy Ma dropped the ubiquitous diss track “ShETHER” on Saturday, a lot of folks think one line from the track is about Foxy Brown: “I kill rappers, and you good as dead, b*tch/Talkin’ […]

Foxy Brown recently dug up some 20-year-old "female rapper" beef and used Nicki Minaj to do it.

As far as beef goes, Fabolous has done a great job at keeping the drama at bay.

On Sunday, pop star Demi Lovato took to Twitter to dish about her sobriety status.

From the moment she walked into the game, Foxy Brown always represented her Brooklyn roots.

Well we can’t deny it, Foxy Brown is definitely looking fabulous in her new mermaid-inspired  ombre hair, but too bad she didn’t pay for it. According to the hairstylist who hooked Foxy up, the celeb has refused to pay the $900 for the custom weave. We guess Foxy didn’t get the memo that bundles ain’t […]