Twilight: New Moon stars Edi Gathegi (Laurent) and Jamie Campbell-Bower (Caius) stopped through Sirius today to give DJ Whoo Kid and the crew some tips on what vampires and werewolves are all about! Why was Jamie spreading nudity rumors?  Do Edi and Jamie run from groupies? Do they get jealous of Taylor Lautner’s chick magnetism? Who is going to the prom?  What was it like on set with Kristen Stewart? […]

After being scared out of his wits at the premiere of Paranormal Activity in New York, DJ Whoo Kiddecided to take on director Oren Peli to find out more about the movie. In this RadioPlanet.tvexclusive, Peli speaks on how a $15,000 film into a multi-million dollar phenomenon, and what it was like behind the scenes with stars Katie and Micah (their real names!). Have you […]

Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe sat down with DJ Whoo Kid at Shade 45 to discuss a variety of nasty and uncomfortable topics like only he can! What is the kindest way to castrate a sheep? Have there been any dirty jobs involving illegal drugs? Why is Mike listening to 50 Cent? What do Kim Kardashian and cow bones have in common? What kind of […]

DJ Whoo Kid, Coach PR and Mandog debated the finer points of domestic violence last weekend on Shade 45 in their Usher Report. Have you ever called 911 on your lover or your ex? Let us know your story!   QuestionsView Results  

<p><strong>Lisa Lampanelli </strong>aka The Lovable Queen of Mean sat down with her &ldquo;Hot Chocolate Daddy&rdquo; <strong>DJ Whoo Kid</strong> for some frank talk about sex, politics (kind of) and race relations in love. Brace yourselves for some real raunch&hellip;</p><p>Why was Lisa feeling<strong> LL Cool J</strong>, literally? Why is she happy that <strong>Obama</strong> got elected? Why didn&rsquo;t […]

Lisa Lampanelli aka The Lovable Queen of Mean sat down with her “Hot Chocolate Daddy” DJ Whoo Kid for some frank talk about sex, politics (kind of) and race relations in love. Brace yourselves for some real raunch… Why was Lisa feeling LL Cool J, literally? Why is she happy that Obama got elected? Why didn’t people like her Sarah Palin joke? Why won’t she sleep with Jamaican […]

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen actors Tyrese and Ramon Rodriguez sat down individually withDJ Whoo Kid on Shade 45, but there was so much trash talking between the two that it was only right to mash it up! Tyrese discusses his new comic book, music and his move into the techno world with Logon de Gualle (aka Clinton Sparks and DJ Snake). Ramon Rodriguez talks about working on The Wire withMichael […]

In Part 3 of his interview with DJ Whoo Kid, 50 Cent discusses Nelly’s rap skills, the finer points of creating his new Power cologne to attract the ladies, the beauty of Cassie’s leaked photos, Chris Brown and Rihanna’s relationship, being in love with Oprah, hanging with Martha Stewart and more! Part 3 of 4 […]

 In Part 2 of his interview with DJ Whoo Kid on Shade 45, 50 Cent discusses everything from the skinny jean craze in Hip Hop, the possibility of a collaborative “Black & White” album with Eminem, who his friends are in Hip Hop and more.  Listen here:

International playa! Check out DJ Whoo Kid’s cover story in the new issue of Jordan’s U Men Magazine! Click here to read the article:  

The Wayans family has officially adopted Whoo Kid! I had no idea they were having a family reunion at Shade 45, but they had a lot to say about their new movie Dance Flick! Watch as Shawn and Marlon issue a harsh message for 50 Cent, speak on J-Lo lust and how to treat white women! Oh yes, and Marlon Wayans freestyles better […]

Attractive women’s feet have always been important to men, from the beginning of the 10th Century in China where women would have their feet bound sometimes as young as age 3 to make sure they didn’t grow fully.  Sometimes there would even be infections that caused toes to drop off, but that was considered even […]