Planking is the latest craze to hit the internet. For those who aren’t sure what planking is, it’s simply lying down face first with your arms touching the side of your body. The thrill is finding different crazy, fun, unique places to plank and of course, posting them online. Our favorite hip-pop celebrites have joined […]

Fresh Kut Ave. is one of the up and coming premier online destinations for the, ?What?s what? and, ?Who?s Who? of the Internet. The target audience for FKA is the primetime go getter 20 something men and women. The audience is motivated and driven by fashion, music, sports, gadgets, events, and personal interests. Fresh Kut […]


Perez Hilton home invades N.O.R.E. robs and leaves him for dead! All this stemming from their twitter beef in which both of them were talking about one another. Perez got NORE for his newport chain… 


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