The law has caught up with (fake) Lagos lawyer, Chris Elisha, who was arrested earlier this week after practicing law for 15 years. The police at the Ojo division in Nigeria arrested the 49-year-old on Tuesday following a suspicion raised by lawyer, Nnamdi Nwafor. According to reports, “Nwafor observed that Elisha could not move a […]

Everyone on the Internet is up in arms about the Keaton Jones bullying controversy — but this isn’t the first time a viral story has turned out to be nothing short of fake news. Joanne The Scammer made the art of “finessing people out of their money” trendy for a whole new generation. […]

If you can’t trust the President of the United States then who can you trust these days? Even sign language interpreters are partaking in fraudulent behavior these days. On Tuesday night, as Tampa police Chief Brian Dugan announced the arrest of Howell Donaldson, interpreter Derlyn Roberts was beside him, making signs that made no sense. […]

Quantasia Sharpton isn’t letting anyone discredit her accusations against Usher — not even her own mother. Sharpton accused the singer of sleeping with her without informing her that he had herpes, and now her mother is speaking out against her daughter’s sketchy claims. Fameolous reports that Quantasia’s mom reached out to them, apologizing for her […] Danielle Bregoli has gotten away with too much in her few minutes of fame. The viral sensation skipped jail time on Tuesday when a judge sentenced her to five years probation after pleading guilty to four charges back in June, including two counts of grand theft, possession of marijuana and filing a false police report. […]

If it ain’t one L, it’s another for Bow Wow these days. It seems as if the rapper enjoys being the butt of Internet jokes, so much so that he makes it easy for people to drag him. On Tuesday, the actor and rapper was put on blast after Instagramming a photo of a private […]

The senior pastor at Victorious Life Church in Virginia and his wife were arrested earlier this week in an alleged congregation fraud scheme.

Freedia stepped into a Louisiana courtroom to answer to charges of government housing theft.


"Dr. Love" has caught the attention of the public once again after he was arrested for defrauding an elderly woman for over $30,000.


The 32-year-old was brought to court on Sunday, where she was charged with financial identity fraud, false identification documents, and four counts of practicing registered nursing without a license in Gwinnett County.

Chris Brown went off on Instagram after Nia's other boo King Ba was busted on for running check scams