One good date has the potential to turn into everlasting love, but that’s only if you play your cards right. The good news is Twitter folks have been dropping some major dating keys as #NeverOnAFirstDate trends. Hit the flip.

Haven’t been feeling like yourself lately, but not sure what’s wrong? Stress can manifest itself in all kinds of weird ways, so some of the signs are easy to miss. Hit the flip for 9 signals you need to book a vacation ASAP, courtesy of the good folks on Twitter.

It’s normal to hear stories about your first words as a baby—most likely they were “mama” or “dada” and you were the cutest little thing in the world. But what about your first words as an adult? A lot less cute by far. Hit the flip to see Twitter participate in the funny hashtag, #MyFirstAdultWords. You […]

You ever go on Twitter and see an out-of-pocket hashtag you’re afraid to click on? Well, that’s what happened to countless God-fearing folks this weekend as #FineMenThatEatAss started trending. To be honest, I clicked…and I didn’t regret a second of any of it. Hit the flip for more fine men that proudly eat the booty […]