How are you going to explain to the family that you almost killed grandma for Instagram likes?

We all have that one friend who is always there when we need them. Any time we find ourselves in need, they’re right there by our side. They ride for you, but will they die for you? Check out this rapper bigging up how loyal his crew is….until it’s time to die for the homies. […]

Somehow the inmates in prison are having the time of their lives. One of them managed to sneak a cell phone into jail and start a Facebook Live stream when they were met with an unexpected guest. Take a look!  

Despite coming bearing gifts, it appears not all children are fond of the Easter bunny. When a dancing Easter Bunny walked into this preschool, the children were more startled than excited. A few of the poor kids were probably traumatized for life.  

Let this be a lesson to you. Never underestimate your mom. Chances are, she’s the reason you can dance in the first place. Mom’s got moves!

We’ve all got that one friend that always has to do the most at the expense of making the rest of us look stupid. In the video below, that friend is Jada. To be honest, we should all strive to be Jada every once in a while.  

A loving boyfriend was just trying to hold his girlfriend’s hair back so she could throw up after a night of heavy partying but he had no idea that his attempts at chivalry would leave her exposed.