“Couches, couches, couches, couches, which one should I pick?” When Kanye West rapped about couches on TLOP, we didn’t quite realize how serious he may have been about diving into the furniture game. Then again, when ‘Ye gets an idea, he usually accomplishes it. Now, we’re left wondering: is he gearing up to collaborate with Ikea? […]

The Haas Brothers are making sure your apartment decor can be equally as fresh as you are. The L.A.-based duo unveiled a full collaborative collection with none other than Versace. PHOTOS: Kate Moss Strikes A Warrior Princess Pose For The Spring ’13 Versace Ad Campaign Consisting of three chairs, a sofa, a bench, and two […]

At this point it should come as no surprise that Karl Lagerfeld is a Jack-of-all-trades. The Chanel Creative Director’s latest undertaking comes in the form of art direction for Cassina’s Parisian showroom’s ‘An Authentic Eye’ exhibition. STORY: Karl Lagerfeld & His Ponytail Had A Bit To Say About Michelle Obama’s New Bangs… Since 1927, Cassina […]

We have to admit, we never really expected someone like Brad Pitt, who has such a long and successful career in acting, to design furniture. But once again, like his endorsement of the Chanel No. 5 fragrance, Mr. Pitt has surprised us! PHOTOS: Now That’s A Good Look! Brad Pitt Donates $100,000 To Gay Marriage Movement […]


Omar bin Laden, the son of fugitive al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, really has a love jones for long time Hollywood a-lister Drew Barrymore. It seems that Bin Laden has separated from his British wife Zaina, a six-time married grandmother and 25 years his senior, wow. Omar said that now that he’s single he want […]

Like millions of women in America, Kim Kardashian was a victim of domestic abuse. She was punched in the face, forced to get liposuction and other plastic surgeries as well as being kept from her family. In newly released court documents her ex husband Damon Thomas is being accused of doing very awful things to Kim. Kim […]


by Cato Why I love skateboarding so much…  Simple… But how do I define it?? is it the CONFIDENCE it gives you when you conquer an obstacle no matter the size or take a fall and realize its not going to be so bad? is it the DISCIPLINE you acquire while mastering this skill that […]