A new five-day truce between Israel and Hamas has been renewed after getting off to a rough start. Israeli military said Gaza militants breached the original cease-fire by firing eight rockets at Israel, and in response, Israeli fighter planes targeted “rocket launchers and terror sites” across the enclave. No casualties were reported, and hostilities died down […]

The three-day cease-fire between Israel and Hamas continues today, allowing aids to come into Gaza and help the thousands who survived the previous air strikes. The truce is said to still be in effect with hope that Israel will send negotiators to Cairo to discuss a long-term deal. Over 1,900 Palestinians have died in the conflict in […]

Forever potty mouth (and insensitive comedienne) Joan Rivers is explaining herself after terrible comments she made regarding Palestinians in the Gaza conflict went public. When a TMZ reporter stopped Rivers to talk about the war between Israel and Hamas, Rivers replied with these disparaging remarks about Palestine: “Oh my God! Tell that to the people […]

A three-day truce in Gaza ended Friday when two rockets landed in southern Israel after being fired by Hamas, according to the Israeli Defense Forces. In response, Israel launched air strikes across Gaza. Egyptian-mediated talks to extend the 72-hour truce in war-torn Gaza failed, although Palestinian factions said they would meet with mediators later to resume talks. So far, […]

During a news conference with reporters at the State Department Wednesday, President Obama said he has “no sympathy” for the Palestinian group Hamas, but did mention he sympathizes with the people of Gaza. Hamas is group fighting with the Israeli military in war-torn Gaza. They have been labeled as a terrorist organization by the United States. […]

As the three-day cease-fire between Israel and Hamas enters its second day, officials in Cairo gear up for negotiations on a long-term truce for the war-torn Gaza Strip. The latest cease-fire, which began on Tuesday, is the longest period of time the two groups have held off fighting. But for many, each hour that passes is […]

Palestine officials are accusing Israel of breaking a limited truce after a shelling at a refugee camp in Gaza city killed 29, including an 8-year-old girl. Israel, however, said at least four rockets were fired at its territory from Gaza — an attack that broke the seven-hour ceasefire called by Israel to allow humanitarian aid […]

The 72-hour Israel/Gaza ceasefire announced by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Thursday was interrupted when militants allegedly attacked soldiers searching for tunnels in the southern Gaza Strip, causing Israel to declare the agreement void. Fifty Palestinians were killed in the latest round of fighting between Israel and Hamas. From Reuters: […]

On Thursday, the U.N.’s top human rights official said both Hamas and Israel are committing war crimes in Gaza. Navi Pillay, the U.N.’s High Commissioner for Human Rights, also suggested that Israel was deliberately defying international law. From the Associated Press: “Locating rockets within schools and hospitals, or even launching these rockets from densely populated […]

The Palestinian death toll in the three-week-long fighting between Hamas and Israel may stand at nearly 1,200, but a new poll is showing that twice as many Americans blame Hamas for the violence as they do Israel. In fact, about 40 percent of Americans believe Hamas is responsible for the Gaza conflict. Only 19 percent […]

On Wednesday, a second UN-run school was hit by Israeli shells in a Gaza refugee camp, killing 19 and injuring 125 people. The scene, a mess of blood splattered floors inside classrooms, shattered glass, and at least 20 dead donkeys still tied to a railing, was described by survivors who combed the debris for the […]

A night of heavy bombardment from Israel has left 100 Palestinians dead in the fighting in Gaza on Tuesday. Israeli shells hit a fuel tank on the Gaza Strip’s only power plant on Tuesday, forcing it to shut down. The huge cloud of black smoke could be seen for miles over the city. Israeli forces also hit […]